Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 with high bass

In 2020 Bluetooth speakers are so popular and every third person using the speaker in their daily lives.

These all Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 with high bass have their own qualities some are so good in the bass, some are good in sound quality so you choose any one of them as per your requirements.

There are many Bluetooth speakers out there but they mostly suck when it comes to sound quality but if you spent 2000 rs you can easily get some of the best Bluetooth speakers India.

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Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 with high bass

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Portronics POR-871 Sound Drum


  • Bluetooth version 4.2.
  • 10-meter Bluetooth range.
  • 1800 mAh Li-Ion battery.
  • Inbuilt FM.
  • Two speakers 5*2 watt.
  • 6 to 7 hours of battery life.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • No memory card slot.
  • Inbuilt microphone.
  • Water resistant.
  • Compatible with a pen drive.
  • 330 grams of weight.

The sound quality of this speaker is very good and the bass is just Wow.

This is really a great heavy bass speaker, even the Boat Stone 600 & Potronics Posh II failed to defeat Potronics sound drum in Bass area.

In this price range, Potronics sound drum is the bass king now. For such a small speaker it’s a very deep and punchy bass. Even the Mids and highs sound really crisp and good to listen.

Photonics sound drum is a portable and small speaker. The whole speaker is made of fabric and plastic.

On the front, you will see all the controls like volume up/volume down, Bluetooth button and play/pause button.

Auxin, Micro USB charging port, USB port and LED notification light are covered under the flap.

Overall the build quality feels very sturdy and the black color makes the speaker look more stylish. Weight is 330 grams which are little on the heavier side.

Before the Plantronics sound drum, I really like both Boat Stone 600 & Potronics Posh II but now my first choice is Potronics sound drum. At higher volume, it gets pretty loud but feels little distortion at 100% volume.

Battery life on this speaker is really amazing. At 65 to 70 % volume you will get easily 16 to 18 hours of battery life but at 100 % volume, you will get only 7 to 8 hours. It takes three and a half hours to get the full charge from 0 to 100%.

If speaker not gets connected with a device for more than 10 minutes it automatically gets power off. At Rs 1800 this is must buy the speaker.

So here we have the winner Potronics sound drum among all the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 with high bass and best Bluetooth speakers India.

  • Amazing build quality.
  • Exceptional bass.
  • Gets pretty loud.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Great value for money.
  • Still finding.



  • No memory card slot.
  • 3-watt power output.
  • 180 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response.
  • 4 ohms of impedance.
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.1
  • 80 dB signal to noise ratio.
  • 600 mAh battery capacity.
  • 40mm drivers.
  • 3.7 Volts power input.
  • 130 grams of weight.
  • Inbuilt microphone.
  • 1-year warranty.

There is only one 40 mm driver which give you a surprising amount of low end and the highs are fairly crisp.

You will get a good amount of loudness which is enough to fill any room. If you get it under 2000 rs then it’s a great deal. Very well sound and deep base.

The build quality of this speaker is solid, there is a rubbery coding outside with a metal grill on the front.

It is not a waterproof wireless speaker so you have to take care of this thing when you use it outside.

In terms of mini Bluetooth speakers, it’s on the little larger size but still, one of the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 with high bass and it can still fit in your hands.

The right side an aux-in jack, micro USB port for charging and the Mic.This speaker taker 1.5 hours to get the full charge and 5 hours of continuous runtime.

Paring your speaker with any device is very easy and quick, the blue LED light blinks on the front when it gets connected.

Because of its stylish design, goods sound quality it manages got on the 2nd place among all the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 with high bass.

  • Great value for money.
  • Good sound clarity.
  • A good amount of bass
  • Only 130 grams of weight which makes it very good to carry around
  • Not a waterproof

Logitech X50 


  • 132 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response.
  • 4 ohms of impedance.
  • 3 Watt power output.
  • 750 mAh battery.
  • 85 dB sensitivity.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • 3.5 mm jack to connect other players.
  • 141 grams weight.

Bass of the speaker is so good, for its size the bass is awesome. Sound quality is clear with good loudness.

It’s sufficient for a room, Mids and Highs are pretty clear without being too sharp and forward. Instruments and vocals are also good, there is no distortion at higher volumes.

Speaker is completely made of completely plastic with some rubber metal at the bottom to keep it from moving around.

Lightweight, sturdy, has little to no flex on the grills. This speaker very well builds and I am sure you will love it.

When Logitech X50 was launched the price was 1999 but now its available on 1450 rs. If you are searching for another portable speaker then this may be another good choice.

On the sides, we have volume buttons, Bluetooth button, USB port and AUX in port. You will get a micro USB cable to charge your device.

Paring is very easy, just turn on the speaker and then hold the Bluetooth button for seconds and when the blue LED light start blinking with an audible sound means a device is connected.

Battery back is great, you get 12 to 13 hours of battery backup at 55 to 60% volume. It took 3.30 hours to get fully charge and you can use the speaker while it’s charging.

LED indicator turn on when its full charge, turns purple while charging and red when it’s out of battery.

  • Great sound quality.
  • Awesome bass.
  • Value for money.
  • Good amount of loudness.
  • No microphone.
  • Not a water-resistant speaker.

HP 400


  • 270 grams of weight.
  • 150 Hz to 18000 Hz frequency response.
  • 4 ohms of impedance.
  • 10-meter Bluetooth range.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • No memory card slot.
  • Inbuilt microphone.

The sound quality of this speaker is really good. Bass is good, Mids and highs are also sounds very clear and crisp.

Speaker gets louder at higher volumes without any distortion. For the price of 1600 rs, this is a good performer.

HP 400 is the bigger brother of HP mini 300. The feel and look are almost the same as mini 300 but in comparison to size, HP 400 is bigger.

The build quality of this speaker is really good, the full body of HP 400 is made of plastic.

The battery of this speaker is good but not great. You will get five and half hours of battery backup at 100% volume. At 60 to 70% volume you will easily get 11 to 13 hours of battery backup.

The charging time of speaker is pretty quick, it takes only 1 hour 15 minute to get the full charge from 0 to 100.

It is really a good speaker if you one of those who wants to buy a well know brand speaker.

  • Splash resistant.
  • Sound and bass quality is good.
  • Build quality is nice.
  • All controls present on the speaker.
  • Battery backup could be better.

boAt Stone 600


  • 10 Watt output power.
  • 30 feet Bluetooth range.
  • 8 hours of continuous playback time.
  • No memory card slot.
  • 40Hz to 20KHz frequency response.
  • 4 Ohms of impedance.
  • 40mm driver.
  • 5 hours of charging time.
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.0
  • 662 grams weight.
  • 1 Year warranty.
  • Inbuilt microphone.
  • 1500 mAh battery.
  • Protected with IPX6, which make it water resistant.

The lows and Mids are so nice and good. Sound quality is so good. Speaker produces a great amount of loudness.

These pair of Bluetooth give a great amount of base, it’s not gonna shake walls but it is enough to satisfy you and also the person in other room.

Speaker is made up of silicon from outside and the front is made of the solid metal grill, under that grill you will get a microphone and 40 mm, drivers.

On the top speaker has a cap which protects it from water, under the cap you get on/off button, charging port and an AUX input.

You also get a 1-meter AUX cable to connect your device directly in case if you don’t want to use Bluetooth.

Paring is so easy once you turn on the speaker, the blue LED notification light on the front starts blinking.

All controls you get on the speaker like volume controls, call controls and power control. Among all the Bluetooth speakers this is the 5th Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 with high bass in india.

  • Bass is extraordinary.
  • Good battery backup.
  • Nice sound clarity.
  • Water-resistant design.
  • Good value for money
  • It’s on the heavier side, we can’t say it a portable Bluetooth speaker.

boAt Stone 260


  •  30 Hz to 150 kHz frequency response.
  • 4 ohms of impedance. 
  • IPX5 waterproof resistance.
  • Inbuilt Microphone.
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • 1000 mAh battery.

The sound quality of for this price is amazing, it’s not so loud but you get good sound clarity and punchy bass. Vocals, Mids, and almost everything are really good.

It’s a very bass heavy speaker, if you are a bass lover then you won’t get any complaint.

Bass feels very nice and punchy even on the 90% volume the bass don’t get muddy.

If we talk about loudness then here it’s little weak if you are on 50 to 60 % volume but if you increase the volume to 80 to 90% then you will get a good output.

Speaker is made out of rubberized material at the back which makes it shockproof.

It is protected with IPX 5 which means it’s water Resistance, not waterproof.

The front is made of fabric with some music related design on it which look very stylish.

On the sides, you get multi-function buttons like play/pause, call controls, and volume controls.

The design is very nice, circular, small, lightweight and really portable anybody will like this design.

Boat Stone 206 is most portable and stylish among all the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 with high bass.

The micro USB port is covered with a rubber flap but there is no AUX input.

For the price, this is the great quality speaker you can get. Easily you will get around 12 hours of battery backup at 65 % volume and it takes almost 1 hour 45 minutes to get the full charge.

  • Really good value for money.
  • Bass heavy speaker.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Most stylish looks in this price range.
  • Most portable speaker.
  • No cons for the price of 1200 rs.

Portronics POSH II


  •  It has SD card slot. 
  • 6 watt of power output.
  • 1 year of warranty.
  • 20 Hz to 20000 Hz frequency response.
  • 284 grams of weight
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.
  • 4 ohms of impedance.
  • FM radio.
  • 10 meters of Bluetooth range.
  • Takes 1.5 hours to get a full charge.

The bass is excellent for its size. Mids and Highs are pretty good and the sound quality is outstanding. Sound quality and the bass is really amazing to consider the price point.

The design and build quality looks same, everything is same except the SD card support and FM support.

POSH added the rubber on the bottom of the speaker but still dances on the high volumes. Fully made up of plastic but sturdy and good quality plastic.

Portronics POSH  is one of the best Bluetooth speakers in India when it launched, so this time the company upgrade the model to Portronics POSH II.

This speaker provides the best value for money among all the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 with high bass. At 55 to 60% volume you will easily get 9 to 10 hours of battery life.

Posh II is not waterproof but still water resistant. The top of the speaker features plays pause button, track controls, Bluetooth pairing, LED, Microphone and power button.

You get a long USB cable, a Long AUX cable and a clip to hand you, speaker, anywhere. This speaker is going to be in 7th place among all the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 with high bass.

  • Great sound quality.
  • Good base.
  • Awesome build quality.
  • FM radio works fine.
  • Good battery life.
  • Heavyweight of 284 grams.

Leaf Pop


  • 20 to 20000 Hz frequency response.
  • IPX4 certified water-resistant.
  • 3-watt speaker.
  • 16 ohms of impedance.
  • It has a memory card slot.
  • 5 to 6 hours of battery life.
  • Inbuilt Microphone.
  • FM radio.

The audio quality for this such a tiny speaker is really good. Bass is good but not great.

Overall the sound quality is balanced, if you are a more bass lover then you have to go with some other big speakers.

Body is fully made of plastic which keeps it so lightweight. It weighs only 220 grams which makes it one of the best portable speaker under 2000.

On the top, you find control buttons like the power button, volume +/- and play/ pause. They feel really tactile and clicky.

On the back you will find phone stand, Aux port, reset button, micro USB charging cable and micro SD card slot.

In the box, you will get user manual, 3.5 mm audio cable, USB charging cable and the speaker itself. Leaf Pop is available in two colors Red and Black.

Leaf pop is really small and you can easily use it from your pocket. Build quality is really good and it is IPX4 certified speaker.

Battery back up is really good for such a small speaker. You will easily get 6 hours of battery backup and it got full charge is 1 hour 50 minutes form 0 to 100 %.

  • Really a great sound quality.
  • Battery backup is good.
  • Build nicely.
  • FM radio support.
  • SD card support.
  • Really lightweight.
  • Bass is good but not great.

SoundBot SB574


  • 150 Hz to 18 KHz frequency response.
  • 4 ohms of impedance.
  • Bluetooth version 4.2.52 mm driver size.
  • 6-watt speakers.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • 2000 mAh Li-Ion battery.

The sound quality of this speaker is really impressive. Bass quality is really good in this speaker and if you are a bass lover you are going love this speaker.

Mids and High sound really nice. It gets pretty loud at higher volumes and even at 100% volume, you won’t get any distortion.

SoundBot SB574 is a rectangle shape speaker which looks really great and stylish.

The whole speaker is made of plastic and covered with fabric. It feels really solid in hands.

The power button and volume buttons found on the top, Aux port and charging port found on the back of the speaker. For the price of 2000 its a good speaker, you can buy.

The Bluetooth range is also good because of the Bluetooth 4.2.

The battery of this speaker is also a great part. You will get 16 to 18 hours of battery backup at 65 to 70% volume.

At 100 % volume, you will get 7 hours easily but it takes four and half hours to get the full charge.

Soundbot really does a great job this time and I am happy with this speaker’s performance.

So we are giving 9th rank to SoundBot SB574 among all the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 with high bass

  • Sound quality is really nice.
  • Great battery backup.
  • Bass quality is also good.
  • Amazing build quality
  • It takes four and a half hours to get the full charge.
  • Not a water-resistant.

Xiaomi Basic 2


  • Bluetooth version 4.2.
  • 1200 mAh battery.
  • 10 hours of playback time.
  • 3 ohms of impedance.
  • 100 Hz to 180000 Hz frequency response.
  • No memory card slot.
  • 1-year warranty.

Sound clarity of this speaker is best among all but the bass of this speaker is not up to mark at the same time its not bad too.

Those who love sad songs and great clarity then this is an ideal speaker for you.

The build quality of this speaker is really good, it has the matte aluminum frame which looks really nice.

It is a very compact device come with dual speakers and it looks very similar to the Xiaomi Basics.

It is a very good speaker among all the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 with high bass for those who are looking for a great looking speaker.

 You get volume button on the top along with the power button.

On the back of the speaker, it has AUX input and micro USB slot for charging purpose.

It supports Bluetooth version 4.2 which will give you 10 meter of Bluetooth range.

It has 1200 mAh battery which will give you 5 to 6 hours of battery at 80 to 90% volume.

  • Bluetooth version 4.2
  • Good battery life.
  • Sound clarity is amazing among all.
  • Best sound clarity among all the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 in India.
  • Looks very great.
  • Made of metal.
  • Bass is not that great.

Logitech X100


  • 3.5 mm audio jack.
  • 30 feet of wireless range.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • 150 Hz to 20 KHz of frequency response.
  • 1.5 Watt nominal output power.
  • Inbuilt Microphone.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.
  • 38 mm drivers.
  • 163 grams weight.

This small speaker produces little better sound and bass than X50. It produces as much bass as possible. Both the mid tones and low tones are pretty good.

This speaker can fit easily in the palm of your hands. The build quality is pretty solid so it can easily survive a 3 to 4 feet drop.

The outer part got hard rubberized finish which gives it a great durability.

After opening the box you will get a long USB charging cable and a speaker itself.

Pairing the speaker is very easy, turn it on and wait for the parking light to start blinking and then pair the device.

There is a total of four buttons, on the side power button, volume control buttons, and Bluetooth pairing button.

At higher volume, you will get over 5 hours of battery life and you can charge the device fully in one and half hours. Speaker is available is grey, red yellow and green.

There are some other smaller speakers but with the great sound quality and portability, it is also one of amongst them.

  • Lightweight.
  • Inbuilt microphone.
  • The black matte finish looks great.
  • Clear sound even at maximum volume.
  • Build quality is great.
  • No water-resistant feature.

SoundBot SB571


  • 12 Watt power output.
  • 4 ohms of impedance.
  • 1000 mAh Li-Ion battery.
  • 10 meter of Bluetooth range.
  • 40mm driver unit.
  • 1 year of warranty.

SoundBot is made of rubberized plastic except for the grills which are made of metal. Speaker really feels sturdy but you can’t say its portable.

The button on the speaker is pretty tactile and clicky. Its a rectangular shape speaker and it feels really solid.

They are nice sounding speakers with good sound quality and decent bass.

It has decent bass as per the size it’s a little disappointing it could be better.

Mids and Highs are really clear, Instrumental and vocals are good enough.

In terms of loudness, its good at highest volume its get really loud at the same time a little bit of distortion at the highest volume.

On the top of the speaker, you get play/pause button, volume buttons, answer/reject button and a LED indicator.

On the back, you get a USB charging port, on/off switch and AUX port.

At the front of the speaker, you get mic inside the speaker grills. Paring is easy just turn On the speaker and it goes into pairing mode automatically and blue indicator starts blinking.

Battery life is good but not the best. At 55 to 60% volume you will get 12 hours of battery life easily. It took two hours and thirty minutes to get fully charge from 0 to 100%.

  • Good amount of loudness.
  • Sound quality is nice.
  • Great build quality.
  • Inbuilt Microphone.
  • No water-resistant.
  • Heavyweight.
  • Bass quality is decent it could be better.

Zaap ZAAP007


  • 180 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response.
  • 3 Watt output power.
  • 4 ohms of impedance.
  • Portable Bluetooth speaker.
  • 400 mAh battery.
  • 1 year of warranty.
  • IP67 for protection against shock, water, and Dust.

Sound quality is loud enough to play it outdoor and there is no distortion at full volume.

This speaker is specially made for swimming, hiking, snowboarding or any other activities.

Speaker is well built and really portable and you can easily hang it with you pant hooks.

All the button you will get on the sides of the speaker. Volume Up/Down, Play/pause, Bluetooth pairing button and call controls.

In the box, you get AUX cable, USB charging cable, user manual and the speaker itself.

Protected with IP67 so don’t need to worry about dropping it in water or dust. It is fully made of rubberized plastic and it feels so much sturdy.

Now talk about battery life, if you use speaker at 100% volume you will get easily 3 hours 45 minutes of battery life and if you use it at 50 to 60% volume then you will easily get 5 hours. It gets fully charged in only 40 to 45 minutes.

It has Bluetooth 3.0 and the range of Bluetooth is about 30 feet. Even if you drop it into the water you won’t lose your connectivity.

Last but not least Zaap Aqua become the last speaker among all the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 with high bass.

  • Build quality is top class among all the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 2020.
  • The sound quality is good.
  • Protected with IP-67.
  • Compatible with TV, computer, car, and mobile.
  • Bass is average.

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