7 Best VR Headsets in India – The Most Suggested ones for 2020

With the progress of technology and Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality has ushered the use of VR headsets for those who are into media and like gaming.

This will place you in a completely different environment for a whole new experience.

Although you will find very few VR headsets available, it is really a challenging task to find the right one owing to only a handful of available features.

So what will you do then? Since it is quite promising these days, you should have a thorough idea of the best VR Headset India.

However, the progress of technology has changed the present trend of VR products.

Most importantly the branded VR headsets try to hone and market with various names.

They are basically categorized into three varieties namely Mobil, tethered, and standalone.

Moreover, if you want to try your luck with VR with the mobile handsets, you might not get the actual feel.

Quick list of Best VR Headsets in India

  1. Procus ONE VR Headset
  1. Google Daydream VR Headset
  1. Go Standalone VR Headset by Oculus
  1. Samsung Gear VR w/Controller Headset
  1. Irusu Play VR Plus Headset
  1. AuraVR Pro Headset
  1. Adofys VR SHINECON 6.0 Headset

7 Top-quality and the Best VR Headsets in India 2020

Virtual Reality gives a fast track experience that is not available with normal headsets.

That is why it is important to know the best VR Headset India compatible with Android or iOS devices. 

1. Procus ONE VR Headset

Also, it is made of heat resistant outer casing along with an adjustable headphone having an audio cable of 3.5 mm.

Moreover, it comes with a magnetic attachment, which helps in keeping the phone inside.

The outer casing that safeguards the device has perforations that enable charging or inserting the headphones when you find VR content, which is a double bonanza.

It comes with a separate slot to insert the charging cable along with integrated headphones.

Furthermore, there is the availability of particular buttons to control the volume.

You can choose the same button and answer calls, or reject it as well. It is quite comfortable but you have to insert one of the wired headphones to get an optimized experience.

This is one of the important strides towards the improvisation of Google Cardboard powered with VR experience.


It weighs almost 380 gms.

It gives decent coverage of 360-degree videos.

There is nano-coating of 8 layers on its lenses


This is light-weighted.
It’s portable and can be used easily.


Batteries aren’t included
No nose cushioning

2. Google Daydream VR Headset

The onset of Google Daydream VR turns out to be a leading name owing to its distinct design, unconventional controller, as well as budget-friendly rate.

This headset comes with a fine-drawn change with this remodeled version making it look more stylish with increased usability.

Till the date, it is one the best VR headset India as far as the latest data. 

With this, you are all set to compete with the latest model of Samsung Gear VR, which is equipped with a 101-degree FOV (Field of View). 

This product is available in several colors like charcoal, coral, and fog with the latest Google Home Minis.

The headset is similar to the previous model containing a rubber G situated on the left.

There is a front flap where you can easily place any of the smartphones between Pixel 2 XL or Google Pixel 2.

The interior of the headset is coated with a lining of foam along with good services such as HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift.

In this version, Google has changed the FOV from 90 to 100 degrees. 


It weighs 399gm

It has a unique fabric lining and is much heavier than the former model.

This comes with 101-degree FOV.

The interior portion is covered with light grey tender material.


Highly comfortable to use
Very easy in order to set up


It doesn’t come with an iOS support

3. Go Standalone VR Headset by Oculus

This is a funny item that doesn’t look similar to the desktop enabled Oculus Rift.

The working functionality is quite simple. It’s working pattern replicates with the headsets meant for headphones like the Google Daydream View.

Also, this Oculus Standalone VR is comfortable as well as portable and gets stuck easily without causing the problem in the back.

Display and the pricing are quite affordable when compared to other contemporary headsets.

The headset’s free inbuilt speaker provides optimal 3D effects, which are termed as the “spatial audio” from the production team.

Moreover, a special mention goes to the optimum sensation of Oculus.

Well, it is possible because of the Snapdragon 821 processor.

Because of this, users felt the little effect of the screen-door.

The usual dimension of this product is 5.5 inches.

However, because of OLED, the display is not that black which you have seen in the Gear VR. 

Also, in spite of being the best VR headset India, it is not compatible with Bluetooth headphones.

Also, it is not equipped with advanced tracking options with onboard cameras, you won’t be able to go deep down into the VR.

So, simply it’s more of a static kind of thing.


It comes with a 2,560×1,440-pixel LCD display.

This allows a screen of 120-degree for Netflix.

It has vast VR games’ library.

Offers spatial sound output 


Not costly at all
Great quality of display
It comes with a good pixel density


It doesn’t show compatibility with Bluetooth headphones
It is a but heavy-weighted to use for a longer duration

4. Samsung Gear VR w/Controller Headset

This is one of the affordable and best VR headset India, which can introduce you to the world of virtual reality.

And, you can enjoy the double bonanza if you use it along with a motion controller.

The designing of this newest version is more streamlined and comes with a USB-C connector that is compatible with flagship phones like Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

One of the fascinating things which you will find after unboxing is the wireless controller.

You need to place the controller on the right or the left hand and the controller works properly when paired with a phone.

There is a motion control that is incorporated which presents to you a whole new level of interactivity which is generally not available on the Gear VR suite.

So with the amalgamation of the robust and high-end collection of VR content, this VR always gets added up in the list of suggestions. 

This newer version is quite exceptional with a sheer improvisation in the breathability of the headset.

Inside the box, you will find a controller holder that you can install inside the head strap for the purpose of storing. 


It weighs 726.

It comes equipped with a wireless controller.

In order to commensurate with the layout of the new controller, it features a touchpad consisting of a home button. 

Moreover, this helps you to make a steady exit from any application.


Great display quality
Its controller comes with ergonomics
Highly comfortable to use


It’s not compatible with a majority of smartphone brands
The heat ends up causing fog before lenses

5. Irusu Play VR Plus Headset

This headset comes with HD resin lenses having a pocket-friendly rate.

You can roam around the world of 3D with this amazing virtual headset which includes playing games, taking the virtual route, streaming movies, and many more.

Also, there are integrated headphones that help you to answer phone calls and control volumes with the help of this amazing headset.

Irusu VR headset is one step forward since it is power-packed with a VR Box 3D headset containing advanced quality lenses.

The build is powerful which gives you a one in all VR experience under one roof.

You will get the complete feel of the immersive VR experience when you play the VR plus VR box headset.

Moreover, it is equipped with supportable headphones.

This gives people control in VR such as monitoring the volume.

Also, it provides optimized results for the object distance and so it is ideal for those having low myopia.

You can enjoy 3D movies or games leveraging the head-mounted display.

Furthermore, this will enhance the virtual experience.


It is equipped with touch buttons which helps you to choose and work on various functionality.

It comes with high-quality lenses.

The integrated headphones are available with a 3.5 mm Jack.


This headset is user friendly giving you the taste of the 3D world.  
It comes with an in-built microphone
You can easily adjust Focal and IPD
Good display
You can watch VR and use the headset for answering calls at the same time


The remote control isn’t good enough to use

6. AuraVR Pro Headset

This is one of the amazing VR headsets, which gives an enhanced VR experience much closer in line with the Samsung Gear VR.

But the main problem is that it is suited for particular devices and with the progress, it might bring new features to work on other devices.

It is made of plastic containing the foam rubber padding on the outlet as well as on the nose.

Also, there is a button available on the rear end of the model.

It gives an awkward feeling during the start.

However, this enhances the ease since you don’t need to place the hand at a particular place all the time like the other headsets.

Moreover, there are two straps available-one connects both the sides of the headset and the other one covers your head.

The construction is not that premium.

It is equipped with enhanced nano covered optical resin along with cozy ergonomic design.

Furthermore, this is made of wireless Bluetooth remote for the game lovers.

This headset works well with those smartphones that have a screen size of 3.5-6 inches.

Because of the design using the finest plastic material, the headset is quieter.


It comes equipped with a wireless Bluetooth remote for gaming and joystick.

Adjustable lenses. It has a 3-way head strap.

Nano-coated optical resin


This headset is quite cozy and the heaviness is distributed in a proper way.
You can adjust the focal length as per need


It shows compatibility with android smartphones
Build quality isn’t that good

7. Adofys VR SHINECON 6.0 Headset

This is an ultimate example of the best VR headset India with a pocket-friendly rate.

All the top quality attributes available in the top quality headset are present such as In-Built Headphones, 3D Capability, Remote Controller, etc. 

It is a lightweight device that gives comfort to many users.

The usage of good quality plastic material helps you to use it for a long period of time.

Moreover, it comes with a T shaped Strap which helps in reducing the pressure from the face as well as head by a considerable amount. 

The quality of the video it features at such a price is quite good.

Also, you can easily have the chance to compare it with the top quality headsets.

The Aspherical Virtual lens gives an awesome virtual experience accompanied by a 3D Feedback.

Upon unboxing, you will find a controller available on the box which helps you to connect with the device with the help of Bluetooth.

You can easily control the smartphone even without detaching it from the VR repeatedly.

Moreover, you can use the controller to watch movies as well. 


It comes with two kinds of Adjustments i.e. Focus Distance and the Adjustable Pupil.

This VR headset is compatible with devices with sizes ranging from 4-6 inches.

It comes equipped with a  viewing angle i.e. 120 degrees wider


Not costly at all
Highly durable


The overall design when it comes to the placement of buttons isn’t good enough.

Buying Guide for choosing the Best VR Headset India

For the past few years, the use of a VR headset has become a trend.

The dignity of the VR headsets got a bigger shape with some reputed brands.

So, there must be some exceptional traits that make the VR headsets unique.

And hence, you need to know these all before grabbing the best VR headsets in India for a great VR experience.

1. Comfort Zone

The VR headset should have a preferable pad with proper elasticity.

The narrower ones are preferable since you can carry without any hassle.

Also, the product must be lightweight, which facilitates the steady movement of the head.

Moreover, when it comes to the straps, they should be supportable enough built with soft elastic materials.

2. Quality of the Headset

There are various factors such as lack of soft endings, burrs, etc.,

which are the contributing factors while choosing the best VR headset India.

Moreover, long-lasting materials give the impression to the buyer that the headset lasts for a longer period.

3. System Used

Which system keeps the VR headset up and running?

What system makes the system more viable?

These details are quite vital before you try for the best one.

Also, the systems are basically Xboxes, PS4, desktops, etc.

You need to identify for what purpose you will use the VR headset.

Moreover, this will help you to choose the best one since it might show different behavior on different systems.

4. Intent of Purchase

After finding the system on which you will use the VR, you should find out the sole intent of buying such a pair.

It might be for watching movies or playing video games.

Also, you may want it for multimedia usage.

5. Size of the Smartphone

The most important thing is to find a suitable size that will fit your purpose.

There are various smartphones available that are compatible with particular VR headsets.

Certain VR headsets only support particular smartphones of specific dimensions.

Moreover, there are certain VR headsets that support mobile phones of size 5.5”.

6. The Optics Used

Now, you know the VR headsets support mobile phones of different formats.

The distance of the optics to the screen should lie within the range of 4-6 inches.

And hence, it is imperative for the optics to get the proper fit with both depths as well as aperture.

7. Cost of the Headset

Now, the pricing of the product is imperative for you to know before you choose the best VR headset India.

If you are new in the world of VR, then it is recommendable to go with those under 7000 INR.

But if you want to have an enhanced experience, then you can increase your budget as well.


  1. Why is the price of the VR on the higher side?

The VR headsets are built for optimized sound as well as video effects.

So, it should have a cable to connect with a high-end PC which is costly.

So to suit such gaming nature, the pricing of top quality VR tends to be on the higher side.

  1. Is it worthwhile to go for a VR headset?

It’s totally up to your own way of experiencing things.

If you are a game lover and want to ensure the proper feel while gaming, then obviously you want to experience it with a proper VR headset.

  1. What are the best available VR headsets?

The most used, acclaimed, and the best VR headset India are enlisted:

  • Oculus Go
  • Procus PRO(White)
  • Irusu Play VR Plus
  • Aura VR Pro
  • Samsung Gear VR w/Controller
Have Enhanced Audio-Visual Experience with Good VR Headsets!

Overall, you need to pay attention to the crucial factors before you buy the best VR headset India.

Considering the vital aspects before investing in such expensive products is essential. 

If you are a game lover or like to have that mesmerizing feel, then obviously you will search for some amazing VR headsets with gaming controllers.

So, go ahead and steal the show with the use of viable pairs that give you a complete eargasm.

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