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Top 7 best VR headset under 1000

The magical fantasies of gone ages are now becoming realities with the new development of science and technology.

In whichever field we see, we find things that couldn’t be a dream of a few years ago.

In this flow of evolution, our personal entertainment wasn’t left untouched. Also, it has seen avalanche development.

In the 1980s the world came across the word “Virtual Reality”. Today, we are discussing some of the points to consider when you go to buy the best VR headset under 1000.

Virtual reality is the mimicry of human senses like touch, visuals, hearing, etc. Moreover, VR headsets are used to simulate the 360-degree environment.

Well, this gadget has given a new dimension to personal entertainment.

Also, we have enlisted 8 options that fall under the category of the best VR headset under 1000 without a doubt. Let’s dive in:

best VR headset under 1000 in india

#1. DivneXt SHINECON

best VR headset under 1000


  • The entire front cover of the headset goes down in order to showcase the smartphone holder.
  • The glasses used here are much superior to the DIY Google Cardboard.
  • The 6P gets inside the holder containing a spring-loaded arm to control the phone.

This headset is mainly meant for overall viewing and the gaming experience. Also, it is perfect for smartphones with a screen size of 6 inches.

The maximum dimension of the phone is 170mmx80mmx12mm and works well with iPhone 6 plus and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+. 

The frontal region of this VR headset consists of a detachable magnetic cover.

Furthermore, you can remove this at once if the 3D app likes to work with the camera of the smartphone.

On either side of the headset, knobs are present that stretch up to the frontal section of the headset in order to help in the image focusing.

Generally, there is a silver color section that houses the main body of the headset.

In order to use the VR Shinecon headset, there is a requirement of the smartphone.

Moreover, you can use this headset with those phones having the size within the range of 4.7-6 inches.


  • This headset goes well with Android as well as Apple phones.
  • It is perfect for watching 3D videos and games.
  • This headset is available at a budget-friendly rate


  • It is devoid of a remote control device.
  • The quality of plastic used is inferior present in the front panel.

#2. ANT VR Headset (Black) 

best VR headset under 1000


  • It comes with a software-enabled attribute that permits you to enjoy movies and play games with an amplified display.
  • The top portion is spring-loaded which signifies that it has the capacity to hold the phone in a secured manner.

This headset has come up in collaboration with Lenovo and is much more sturdy than the Google Cardboard.

It is compatible with various devices of 5.5-inch size and comes under the best VR headset under 1000 category.

Also, you don’t need to connect with Bluetooth. You just have to insert the plug and start playing.

This headset appears to be much sturdier when you switch on the TheaterMax mode in several smartphones such as K4 Not or the Vibe X3 smartphone. 

It provides a cinematic experience. The TheaterMax mode is a special mode that directly gets adjusted with the firmware of the handset.

Moreover, you can choose this feature with the help of the Power button and then you can shift to the TheaterMax mode as well.

The majority of the work pressure is taken by TheaterMax software. This always keeps you energetic while using ANT VR.

A special thanks go to the manufacturer for the unique folding design, which occupies a very small space.

Moreover, you will also find an elastic strap attached to the rear end of this headset. 


  • The entire build is strong.
  • It is compatible with any kind of handset.
  • You won’t feel any nausea or head spinning


  • This is only applicable for use in dark rooms.
  • It offers only a 100-degree vision.

#3. Ocular Swift Virtual Reality Glasses 

best VR headset under 1000


  • The Swift VR glasses are compatible with several smartphones available in the market with the size range that varies from 4.5 to 6 inches.
  • You have the option to make myopic adjustments maintaining the inter-pupillary distance

It’s one of the best VR headset under 1000 with an amazing mix of creativity as well as imagination.

Also, it comes with a material inbuilt that safeguards the cell phone as well as a display from getting scratch marks.

It works really well for most of the smart devices and supports various Android as well as the iOS devices.

Moreover, it has come up with tender cushioning to protect your face along with ventilation holes to avoid dissipation of heat.

The glasses are made of the elastic head strap as well. Furthermore, the distorted resistance HD lens helps in minimizing pressure thereby removing simulator thickness.

The most important part is that you have the option to adjust all the lenses.

It comes with an HD optical lens that provides awesome theatre experience.

Also, you can modify the distance of the handset to get clarity of the focus.

There are additional rooms present in the eyeglass which provides an ultimate 3D experience.


  • It gives a delightful 3D experience.
  • This Swift VR box is lightweight as well as portable
  • The Glasses used are compatible with most of the smartphones.


  • You can’t use this device when the smartphone is under-charging.
  • However, this device doesn’t work well with Honor 8X.

#4. Zebronics Zeb-VR

best VR headset under 1000


  • The material used in this device is cent percent ABS.
  • It is more compatible than Google Cardboard.
  • The magnetic disk is ceramic and the Pupil distance is up to 20 mm.  

This Zeb-VR is a cheap headset as compared to contemporary brands.

It is compatible with any smartphone and you need to download an app to sail through.

Also, you have to keep your smartphone on the VR box to experience the unique 3D VR vibes. Presently, it works well with Android devices.

It comes with an ultra-sensitive gaming vibe. Added tender contact pad enables you to continue gaming for a long period of time.

Moreover, you can have an amazing experience through live games, images, TV shows, and many more.

It comes with a sturdy magnetic trigger. It comes with adequate provisions so that you can wear glasses. Also, it is equipped with an adjustable focal length.

Furthermore, it is a superb product at an affordable budget. However, you might have a headache if you are watching or gaming for a long period of time.

The lens quality is really good. However, the lid of the compartment which binds the device doesn’t work properly.


  • It comes with a good quality lens.
  • This headset gives an ultra-sensitive gaming experience.
  • Zeb-VR is easy to wear and provides comfort as well


  • The focusing wheel doesn’t provide the actual effects.
  • It comes with inferior ergo. You will feel the pain after listening for 15 minutes.

#5. Photron PHVR50 2nd Generation

best VR headset under 1000


  • It is equipped with a leather heat removal design to protect your faces.
  • The cushioning material is an amalgamation of leather and foam.
  • This is equipped with eco-friendly ABS material.
  • This comes with amazing 3D VR reality glasses that provide an awesome 3D experience. 

This VR Headset comes with an immersive experience while watching movies or playing video games. 

Also, this is now evolved into a 3D zoom glass and you don’t have to adjust the IPD.

It comes with a Bluetooth Remote control compatible with any smartphone along with a VR-Case anti-blue tempered glass.

This VR headset supports headphones of size ranging from 4-6 inches like iPhone 6 plus and the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge.

It comes with superior design along with proper workmanship. Moreover, this VR headset goes hand-in-hand with 3D side by side video the VR game.

Now, you can browse into YouTube to look for various 3D split screens.

Also, it comes with an amazing screen size of almost 3 m widths, which gives you an enthralling cinema experience.

Photron provides a 360-degree panoramic view along with handy touch controlling features.

This is equipped with wonderful 3D VR glasses, which provide an awesome 3D vibe. The entire product is lightweight and you can assemble at ease.


  • The headset is portable and convenient to use.
  • It comes with advanced 3D zoom glasses.
  • Photron VR headset is lightweight.


  • The viewing angle is not suitable.
  • At times the available lens is loose.

#6. Irusu Mini VR Virtual Reality 3D

best VR Headset under 2000


  • It weighs 242 gms
  • It is equipped with 5.2 fold magnification for an amazing VR experience.
  • This has a distinct front holder, which is used to keep the mobile device up to 6.4 inches. 

This is an amazing 3D glass equipped with HD lenses with a diameter of about 42mm.

It comes with an awesome HD display as well as alluring graphics. With this headset, you are compelled to wear glasses while watching any movie.

It goes well with various smartphones. Moreover, the features of this VR 3D glass are similar to that of the Google Cardboard VR 2.

The unique open-ended model facilitates the easy dissipation of heat.

Irusu Mini comes with an outer nanolayer and looks much more polished which negates deformation thereby reducing fatigue, and introduces an ultimate virtual world.

You can use it for various purposes such as watching 3D Side by Side video, playing games, normal videos, and many more.

Furthermore, the headset is compatible with the majority of the smartphones owing to the distinct design available at the front end. 

It’s considered to be the lightest among all that provides an ultimate VR experience.

This headset provides optimum FOV than most of the contemporary headsets available.


  • It is compatible with various Android and iOS sets.
  • This has a distinct front mobile holder.
  • It comes with Interpupillary distance arrangement.


  • There is a lack of a remote controller.
  • If the water droplets accumulate, it doesn’t get cleaned easily.

#7. VR BOX 2.0 Virtual Reality 3D Glasses

best VR headset under 1000


  • This entire box consists of an instruction guide, the headset, 3X sticky rubber sponge pads, Bluetooth game controller, and many more.
  • This VR box comes with a sponge cushioning covering the rim.

This VR BOX comes with an awesome Bluetooth remote controller.

Also, the entire body of this headset is black apart from the front panel which is made of plastic.

An elastic trap is connected to the side as the top so that you won’t face any problem adjusting your head.

Another important feature of this VR box is that there is an extra removable panel present on the front.

With this, you can use the phone camera along with the VR headset. The material is tender and gives comfort. 

Furthermore, the VR box doesn’t come with prior assembling and there are few accessories you need to take care of.

In the case, if you like to use the headphones associated with the VR box, it is important to find out that the port is pointed towards right.

Well, this is because, upon removal of the phone, the headphone wires project out from inside.

There is an optical adjuster available on the top where you get the choice of the lens in various directions.

Furthermore, it comes under the best VR headset under 1000 category


  • There is an ample number of optical adjustments.
  • It comes with high-quality lens cleaning cloth.
  • Also, you will find a removable camera port.


  • There is a nose recess which is not at all big.
  • Eliminating the camera appears to be an arduous task

4 Factors to Consider while Buying the Best VR Headset under 1000

When you go out to buy the best VR headset under 1000, you see that the market is flooded with various kinds of VR headsets. And hence, in the end, you get confused.

Here we are mentioning 4 key factors, which you should proper attention before picking up a VR for yourself:

1. Compatibility

The most important aspect of the best VR headset under 1000 is its compatibility with your current system.

You just can’t go to the market and buy any VR gear. Some VR headgears need high-end performance PC to work and on the other hand, all mobile phones don’t have the support for a VR headset.

The minimum requirement of smartphones is it’s fitting and having a Gyro sensor.  

For example, the HTC Vive VR headset needs a PC with a minimum of 4 GB RAM, i5-4590, or above, a dedicated graphics card equivalent to or above capacity of AMD R9 290 and DisplayPort 1.2 or HDMI 1.4 output.

2. Display

The quality of the display of the VR headset is mostly dependent on its resolution, refresh rate, and field of view.

The equation of resolution is pretty much simple, a higher resolution will give better experience.

Moreover, this enhances the viewing experience to many folds.  

The other aspect which is closely related to viewing experience is the refresh rate. For a fast-paced VR,90Hz is a must.

If your gameplay is not intense and deep you can manage it with 70 Hz. 

Another specification of the display which needs our attention is field view.

In general, we should go for a VR with a FOV of between 100-110 degrees.

The rule for FOV is the same as the resolution. Higher the numbers, better it is. 

3. Weight

As you are going to wear it for hours while watching a movie or playing games, it has to be comfortable.

It should be lightweight, balanced, and comfortable enough that you don’t feel the load on your head or face.

You should be more careful if children are there in your home and they are also going to use it.

Moreover, sometimes heavy VRs feel very much itchy and it greatly degrades the whole experience of the VR headsets.

The mobile headsets generally come lightweight but it becomes bulky when you attach your mobile phone into them.

So it is greatly recommended to check the comfort quality with dimensions before picking any VR headsets for you.

4. Worth

You should be careful enough that each buck you are paying has a great in return as a wholesome experience.

While estimating the price worth of a VR headset you focus your concern on the immersion experience the VR is giving to you.

You should check whether VR is coming with a controller or not.

Positional tracking is another feature that can impact your immersive experience.

The more precise the positional tracking is, the better the VR immersion experience.

Moreover, there are many other aspects that you should check in detail before deciding your VR gear. 


Is it really worth to spend my bucks on VR headset just to watch movies and play games?

The answer is a clear yes if you want to explore a whole new world of watching a video. The era of 2d videos and sound has become a long gone past.

We are very much sure that the experience you will get will astonish you to the core and some goosebumps will hit you hard.

How to play a video on a VR headset?

The functions are very simple. Just go through the following instruction to open the gate of new-age entertainment.

  • Download a video on YouTube or phone.
  • Fit your smartphone into the VR headset
  • Set your VR-headset at your eye level
  • Now as per your convenience set the lenses for clear visibility 
  • You are free to adjust the volume as per your choice

Is an earphone a must to watch videos on VR headset?

Never, it’s your choice how you want to watch the video. But it is highly suggested to have an immersive experience.

Why my videos are blurry on the VR headset?

This problem arises when the mobile is not rightly fit into the VR headset.

So check immediately the position of the mobile whether it is flat or fit.

Moreover, check the zoom option also whether it has got enabled if so turn it off. 

Conclusion best VR headset under 1000

VR headset is a really great partner to hang out with some good movies and games.

We highly recommend that when you opt for the best VR headset under 1000, you don’t forget to choose a VR headset as per your requirement and budget.

Well, this is how you will be able to unlock a whole new universe of personal entertainment.



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