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French Connection R7 series Unisex smartwatch Review

Throughout time, we have seen much advancement in technology. And keeping track of time by a variety of means has been of great importance in any society.

Earlier people used the sun and the moon to keep track of time. Then hourglasses came into the picture.

Later when mechanics came to play, clocks were invented. And now we have wristwatches in this era of modern marvels.

Watches have been in our modern-day world since the 15th century when Peter Henlein invented the first watch.

These days, when we talk about watches, we aren’t talking just about seeing the time at that exact moment.

Engineers have infused a variety of machinery that is more useful into these tiny watches making them enabled with smart features.

And in this article, we are going to discuss the R7 series Unisex smartwatch from French connection along with all of its details.

Product Description – French Connection R7 series Unisex smartwatch

French Connection R7 Series Unisex Smartwatch

The product we are discussing here is the R7 model, which is full of exciting features.

The connectivity technology that has been used here is Bluetooth 5.0 which is the most updated one in the market.

The operating system supported by this is both iOS as well as Android, which means you won’t be having any problems regarding the type of device you currently use.

It weighs around 48 grams and has a dimension of 10*5*5 cm. The watch is made out of stainless steel, which means it’s very tough and will work through years with great durability.

The band has a width of 20 mm and the clasp type used here is the tang buckle type. With this smartwatch, you get a full 1.28-inch display which is an FHD screen and the company claims it to be very good.

It is a touch screen enabled throughout the screen and you can adjust the screen brightness whenever you want to. Also, the material finish in this smartwatch is smooth and classy.

The interchangeable strap adds another charm to its looks. The metal case has an elegant look and style attached to it.

The French connection smartwatch R7 model features Bluetooth calling which means that you don’t have to worry about your calls whenever you are busy riding a motorcycle or working out.

The watch has an inbuilt mic as well as a speaker which facilitates the calling. The battery of this smartwatch is so great that you will get a cell life of 15 days with a single charge.

Moreover, when you put it on standby, it will last up to 30 days. The watch has health features such as a continuous 24*7 heartbeat monitoring system and blood pressure monitoring.

It also features 11 sports modes which you can use to track your activity with precision.

The watch makes sure that you get complete health tracking with its step counter, distance measurement feature, and calories burnt.

You can also keep track of your sleep schedule and breathing history that gives a boost to your healthy lifestyle. For women, the watch features menstrual tracking with the other usual features.

The company has released the SMART-TIME Pro app which is available on both Android as well as iOS operating systems. You can install this app and can connect your watch to your phone.

This app will help you manage the different watch faces you can have on your watch. It’s a small but detailed feature many users like very much.

The app also has features like timers, alarms settings, and many such useful things which the company has provided for a personalized feel.

You can log everything related to your health and lifestyle which will be stored in your account each day providing you a sort of health report each week.

These all will surely motivate you to be healthy. Also, you get a one-year warranty which promises its durability as well as good after-sale service from the company.

Features of French Connection R7 series Unisex smartwatch

French Connection R7 Series Unisex Smartwatch

Custom comfort

The smartwatch has a stainless-steel body which gives it that premium feel whenever you wear it.

Other smartwatches that are available in this price range don’t have such an elegant look. The design is simple yet it’s interesting.

With this product, you can interchange the straps whichever you like and it gives a whole new charm to your wrist.

The screen is a 1.28-inch FHD display that is enabled with touch controls. This naturally transitions from the metallic body to the screen and improves visual aesthetics.

Bluetooth call function

The product features a Bluetooth call function with its inbuilt mic as well as a speaker.

So, you don’t even have to touch the screen of your phone. You can just tap on your watch and you will be connected to your call automatically.

Health tracker

It has a 24*7 heart rate monitoring system that measures your heartbeat in real-time and continuously records the log into your device.

This also has blood pressure measurement so that you don’t have to measure your BP going to a physician.

Battery life

This watch has an excellent battery life of 15 days with a single charge. And if you put it on standby mode, then you can get a battery life of up to 30 days.

So, with such massive battery life, you won’t have to be bothered by the watch discharging at different times. Because we all can agree that nobody likes a device which needs charge too quickly.

Sports mode

It supports 11 different sports modes which ensure that you can stay healthy as well as keep track of your activities without worrying about the counts.

The product features sports such as badminton, basketball, yoga, running, cycling, and even spinning. So, with such dedicated features, the motivation will be high to stay fit.

IP67 rated waterproof

This feature has become one of the most needed things these days with smart devices. It’s a common thing that people tend to make contact with water or few splashes.

Sometimes, sweating while doing exercise can cause some watches to stop. But with this device, you won’t be having such issues since it has IP67 certification for being waterproof.

Pros of French Connection R7 series

French Connection R7 Series review

Various features will surely make you love the product instantaneously. The long battery life with nice aesthetics is some of the best things about the watch. But apart from all these, the features which highlight it as one of the best smartwatches are:

Notification alert

These days’ features like messaging and calling from a smartwatch are available with only a high budget. And this smartwatch which comes at an affordable price enables the users to enjoy such premium features.

This watch is capable of showing your texts instantly on the watch itself without looking at the phone.

Sedentary reminder

This seems like a simple feature but when we look into the consequences of sedentary existence, we all can appreciate how useful it is.

You will be reminded to walk away from your seat and move a little which helps you keep good health.

Full motion and sleep monitor

A smartwatch capable of these two features is always the best since your sleep tracking is really necessary for knowing how good your health is. And a full-motion tracker in this watch adds extra benefits to it.

Voice assistant

This smartwatch supports both google assistant as well as Siri whenever you need them.

It also works with voice commands and is capable of recognizing your voice. This always makes your tasks easier and comfortable.

After-sale service

It comes with a year of warranty. And the after-sale service from the company is very satisfactory which means you can trust the product without any hesitations.

Cons of French Connection R7 series

Though the product has an excellent performance in all kinds of criteria and is capable of functioning in different conditions, it still has some minor flaws.


The first thing that one notices which needs serious improvements is the display quality of the smartwatch.

We all can agree to this point that when someone is paying this much for a smart device, they automatically expect a top-of-the-class experience from it.

But the display seems like a normal average budget LCD type which bothers many users.


The company promises a seamless experience with the user interface but it seems like the watch lags whenever there is continuous use of the different smart features. This includes issues such as accepting and rejecting the calls is not quick enough.


If you are looking for a smartwatch that has industry-standard features and you want it to be under an affordable budget, then this is probably the best smartwatch available in the market.

All the premium features that should be in a smartwatch are present inside it.

You get a classy finish as well as smart features like a heart rate monitor and different kinds of activity trackers that are included in the smartwatch.

The company is well known for its customer service which means you won’t have to worry about the after-sale service.

The brand itself is a hallmark for quality and you can trust the technology without any setbacks.


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