5 Best LG Refrigerator Under 15000

Technology has been a big part of our lives ever since we learned how to manipulate the forces of nature for our good.

There are innovations and updates to the existing technologies with each passing second. And we are so dependent on these advancements that our normal life won’t run properly if any of these goes missing.

One such gadget is the refrigerators. These are one of the most amazing inventions humans have to date in the context of making our life luxurious.

Earlier these used to come with a great deal of money. But now a consumer doesn’t have to pay that much to avail of this excellent tech.

Any general person with a good budget these days has fridges in their home.

Refrigerators use coolants to keep the items inside fresh and cold so that they can last long. Below is a list of the Best LG refrigerator under 15000

Best LG Refrigerator Under 15000 in india 2021

NameCapacityEnergy EfficiencyPrice
LG Refrigerator 190 L (GL-B201ASPY)190 litres4 Star RatingAmazon
LG refrigerator 190 L (GL-D201APZY)190 litres4 Star RatingAmazon
LG Refrigerator 215 L (GL-B221APZY)215 litres4 Star RatingAmazon
LG Refrigerator 190 L (GL-D201ASCY)190 litres4 Star RatingAmazon
LG Refrigerator 190 L (GL-B201RPZD)190 litres3 Star RatingAmazon

#1. LG Refrigerator 190 L (GL-B201ASPY)

Best LG Refrigerator Under 15000


  • An auto inverter connection system
  • Fastest ice making capabilities
  • Strong shelves with glass finish
  • Hygienic gasket with anti-bacterial feature
  • Runs without any stabilizer

The first single-door LG refrigerator on the list is the GL-B201ASPY model, which is a direct cool refrigerator.

The capacity of this refrigerator is 190L which makes it a great addition to your kitchen when you have a small family of 3 to 4 members.

The energy rating for this fridge is 4 stars, which makes it a good option since it saves a lot of electricity thus effectively reducing your bill.

This has a built-in stabilizer that helps you with the stabilizer-free operation.

The fridge also comes with a smart inverter compressor which gives you an unmatched performance ultimately helping in great savings.

Moreover, one of the most amazing features of this fridge is that it automatically connects to the inverter.

And hence, you won’t have to worry about remembering to keep things running while the light goes out.

The special lattice-type of box that comes with it helps to keep all the things inside fresh and moist at an optimal level upon condensation.

Also, the fridge has one of the fastest ice-making capabilities making it super effective.

  • Economical cooling without any fluctuation
  • Great warranty period
  • 190 liters jumbo capacity
  • 4-star energy rating
  • Smart inverter compressor included
  • Only a single door available

#2. LG refrigerator 190 L (GL-D201APZY)

LG Refrigerator Under 15000


  • It has an inbuilt inverter
  • The energy rating of 4 star
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • 1 year of manufacturer warranty
  • Direct cooling with single door

The next LG refrigerator model in the list is a little similar to the first one we discussed in the above section.

Except this one is more efficient than the previous LG model and has a greater cooling rate than others.

This fridge from LG is capable of storing 190L of space and has a single door system that can be locked.

Along with that, the fridge can be locked with an anti-bacterial gasket which keeps it hygienic and safe to use.

And one of the key features of this fridge is that it is amazing in terms of its design.

The fridge also has 1 year of warranty so you don’t have to worry about the after-sale service from the LG team.

It has a 4-star energy rating making it an economic choice for anyone by reducing electricity bills.

  • Stylish design with drawer
  • Efficient cooling system
  • Auto connects with home inverter
  • High-speed ice-making capability
  • Very strong glass shelves
  • Price is slightly higher

#3. LG Refrigerator 215 L (GL-B221APZY)

best lg fridge under 15000


  • The direct cooling capacity of 215 liters
  • 4-star energy rating
  • Auto inverter connection feature
  • 1 year of warranty
  • Stabilizer free operation at all time

If you are looking for a fridge in the economic price range and that too with great storage space, then this one is a great option for you.

This refrigerator from LG has a large storage space of 215 liters which is more than any product offers at such price range.

This also has an excellent cooling system with a 4-star energy rating, which can help you save your money on electricity bills.

With 1 year of great warranty from the company, you get an assurance that this product is tough and durable. The smart inverter compression technology is one of the main highlights of this product.

This also makes sure that all the moisture inside the fridge remains intact and cools efficiently thus making all the items moist and cool at all times.

The company also claims that the fridge can make ice in just 108 minutes which is the highest amongst others. And as if all these were not enough, it also runs without any stabilizer which makes it self-sufficient.

All these little but important details put into the production of this fridge makes it a great companion for any kitchen.

  • Compact and stylish
  • Capable of handling large items
  • Tough selves made of glass
  • Dedicated ice chamber for defrosting
  • Anti-bacterial gasket for ultra-hygiene
  • Doesn’t have a base drawer

#4. LG Refrigerator 190 L (GL-D201ASCY)

lg fridge below 10000


  • Constant Stabilizer free operation
  • Voltage range of 90-310 V
  • Compatible with solar panels
  • The smart inverter compression feature
  • Long cooling retention time

The next one on the list is the LG refrigerator 4-star GL-D201ASCY model, which has an energy rating of 4 stars and a great storage capacity of 190 liters.

The polished finish of this particular product makes it very attractive. Not only looks good, but it also efficiently cools everything inside it.

The great coolant technology with a smart inverter compressor makes it easier for the tech to work smoothly without any sound and chill everything within hours.

And importantly, this product comes in a great price range which is what most users look for these days.

The energy-saving system makes it consume less energy thus saving some more money in terms of electricity bills.

This model comes with a single door and there is this chilling section where you can manually control the level and time of defrosting.

This fridge is also the capability of connecting with your home inverter when there is a power cut thus making your job easier.

With LG’s fastest cooling technology, you can get iced items in just hours. Also, the glass shelves that are included in it give it more durability and strength to hold more items. And lastly, it also has an antibacterial gasket making it safe to use all the time.

  • Easy to clean and hygienic gasket
  • No need for any stabilizer
  • Auto connects with home inverter
  • Fastest chilling time of 108 minutes
  • Defrost section is small.

#5. LG Refrigerator 190 L (GL-B201RPZD)

lg refrigerator below 10000


  • Storage capacity of 190 L
  • Manual defrosting with effective cooling
  • 3-star energy rating
  • One year of manufacturer warranty
  • Spill-proof glass shelves

The last one on the LG refrigerator 3-star list is this energy-rated fridge that’s known for its excellent design and cooling capability.

It bears the model number GL-B201RPZD and comes with one single door.

The cooling system in this refrigerator is very efficient. Although this has a 3-star rating for energy saving, it utilizes minimal electricity which makes your bills less as compared to other fridges in this price range.

Talking about the price, it has the lowest of all the fridges that have been mentioned in this list.

The company also ensures that the contents inside the fridge remain chilled and moist by making a lattice-type box to store different types of foods.

LG also claims that this freezes items placed in the defrost chamber in just 2 hours.

So, this will help you save your precious time when you are trying to make ice.

The glass shelves that come within the fridge are spill-proof adding another feature to this product.

The gasket is made such that it keeps away most of the bacteria away.

Last but not the least; it has a year of warranty ensuring great customer care service even after the sale.

  • Excellent design and polished look
  • Durable glass shelves
  • Quick freezing time
  • Great cooling retention time
  • Economic pricing
  • Only 3-star energy rating


After going through all the refrigerators from LG under the 15000-price range, it can be seen that most of them have a great build quality and performs excellently without any stabilizers.

Also, all of them are energy efficient which makes them a good choice for your purchase.

Through multiple comparisons, we can suggest that the 3rd one in the list with model number GL-B221APZY is the best amongst all because of its greater storage space.

And the second-best choice among all these would be the 4th one because it has additional cooling features than the rest of all.

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