8 Easiest way of link building (May 2020)

Advanced link building tactics that skyrocket your rankings 

Today you’re going to learn 8 advanced link building tactics that skyrocket your rankings. 

Link building becomes too hard!!! My old link building tactics are not working!!! What should I do to build links? 

First of all let’s understand what is link building? Link building is the technique to acquire hyperlinks from other sites to your own site. It’s the path through which their Audience navigates your website. 

Just like audience search engine crawlers also use links to find new content. It’s simpler to link more search engine crawlers to your website. That increases the chances to rank higher. That’s the reason why we build links. 


Want to know some advance and really cool link building tactics then you probably at right ways read the whole list of link building tactics below… 

1. Run industry survey 

Now survey is the best technique to understand your industry curves. And helps to build exactly what your customer wants from you. 

To run an industry survey, find the people who already work in the same industry and tell them to conduct a survey with their audience.

Then compare all of these results and write a great piece of content about that survey results. Add exciting multimedia, explain results in a graphical manner, and publish it on your website. 

Now after publishing contact the same people to link back to this survey results content. 

Also you can find the hit topic from this survey and write a piece of content about it. 

That type of content has more chances that people are willing to link back to you.


2. Influencer link building 

Influencers link building helps a lot. Because it connects you with the pre established audience. Of the same niche. 

Identify and join influencers networks. To find an IT fluency in the same industry. Don’t forget there are tens of million of influencers globally. 

Now you find influencers and teachers out them and discuss potential promotional opportunities. 

Don’t forget pitch then high value for sometime before then ignore you. You can offer a free trial of any software, high quality content, product reviews in your industry. 

3. Create case studies 

Case studies is one of the most powerful ways to get links for websites. Actually case studies are the detailed research posts about a particular topic related to your niche. 

First choose the most trending topic for case studies in your industry. Then write a detailed well researched case study on it. To make case studies more readable you can add some graphs, multimedia, infographics so that’s the way it is more like read by your visitor. 

Then find the blog in your industry, contact them about your content and ask for a link. Case studies are more relevant so you can get easy backlinks from no. of websites. 

4. Moving man method 

This link building strategy is much more complicated. Also it doesn’t have a high success rate. But secure your link from that particular page that is tied up with a redirect chain. 

This method works as many companies undergo rebranding and redesign their websites so their service discontinued.

This technique redirected URLs without the intimating  of the site person. 

Here’s you need to find the sites that are being redirected to your competitor’s site.

This can be found from backinks data that you find during competitors research.

Enter the URLs of outdated content in the SEO tools which are able to extract the backlinks of that page.

Then you contact the site owner who links to that outdated page to inform them about the issue and offer the replacement link of your fresh piece of content. 

5. Do your podcast store 

This one link building strategy is one of the best and easiest ways to get links from podcasts from high Domain Authority sites. You also call it a future link building strategy because google started to change their algorithm for voice search. 

Firstly create a podcast related to your industry. And then upload it on podcast site like google podcast, Spotify, apple podcast, itne, anchor.fm and add text in description with the hyperlink of your website. You will get dofollow backlink to your website. 

Also you can start a podcast on your own site and like neil patel like ​neil patel marketing school​. 

6. Find link Roundups 

the next link building tactic is Link roundups links. Link roundups are the instant link from sites. 

But what is link roundups? 

Link roundups are the summaries of top links of that particular topic. Link roundups are monthly, weekly basis. 

To get a link from the link roundups is EASY just follow these Two steps. 

1. Find link roundups 2. Approach for link 

first find the link roundups on a weekly basis or monthly basis you can find link roundups by using Google search find queries like “keyword” + ” Link Roundups” also use twitter search fi d link roundups. create a spreadsheet of all this link roundups. 

Then approach them to add your site link in their roundup post through the email script for this you use various email outreach tools 1hich send multiple emails in one click. 

7. Become the source for reporters 

Contacts become a key to success in this technique. Because reporters are always breaking news content to publish on news sites. 

Alway remember one thing that, if you want to rank your position on top 10 in google you have to build lots of good quality of backlinks from your niches websites 

you want to rank on top 10 in Google, you need to build a lot of high quality backlinks from high authority sites in your niche. It seems hard right. 

Don’t worry Here is one site called ​HARO​ which helps to connect journalists and bloggers with each other. 

Here, You will get an email from a journalist that wants an epic piece of content. That way you can pitch your content with that journalist. You will get a sweet link to that post. 

8. Broken link building 

Now the last but not least we talk about broken link building strategy. You might know about this link building strategy. 

Broken link building is the reclamation of a link from a particular site to get from the broken pages. Broken pages are those pages which don’t work right now. These pages show 404 page errors. 

Basically In this technique first find the broken links across the web. To find broken links you can use Chrome extension like check my links which shows all broken links of that particular web page. Also you can use some SEO tools to find 404 broken links. 

Then find who gives them backlinks here also use SEO tools. Then simply contact such sites to make them aware about broken links on their site. Also pitch your content for alternatives to those links. 


Link building is continuously changing every few years laters. But their utility remains the same. So if you still not start link building then you don’t survive much all over the web. 

If you think link building is not much important then you’re wrong Or if you think I can still make more and more links with old link building tactics link web directories, comment then you’re wrong. 

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