Quantity Surveying measurement in Perth

It always looks a bit mysterious when quantity surveyors are at work.

Figures in orange vests, one of which is lurking in a camera-like device on a tripod. Another is a little further away with a stick or a large ruler.

It stimulates the imagination. What do they measure and especially: why?

Quantity surveying is applied science that is concerned with measuring the mutual position of points on the earth’s surface.

This has been the case for at least 3,000 years, although the method of measurement has changed considerably.

No longer with a plumb bob and a guideline, but also with the help of a tachymeter (total station) and a (d) GPS.

But a surveyor is not only concerned with measuring. He also names what he measures.

Therefore, surveying is also partly describing topography.

Or collecting and processing data into geo-information.

Depending on the purpose and desired accuracy, surveyors deploy the required surveying tool and are able to record distances, angles and locations to the millimeter.

The reasons for carrying out surveys are very diverse, from surveying (developing) sites to determining the position of large and small new construction and (civil) objects.

What are the surveyors doing, among other things?

You can hire our surveyors for all kinds of measuring jobs.

Among other things:

  • surveying / mapping out areas for future developments;
  • quantity surveying / staking out civil engineering works, for example for earthworks and underground infrastructure;
  • measuring piles after total demolition (pile plans) ;
  •  measuring depots for the purpose of cubing or due to legislation;
  • perform accurate deformation measurements;
  • measuring / expanding monitoring wells in, for example, environmental soil research;
  • And many more things. Do not hesitate to inform us, we are happy to take away your doubts!

Own survey team BK engineers

BK engineers themselves employs surveyors. Our survey team consists of highly experienced surveyors, each with their own specialism. You benefit from that because of all our surveyors

  • are B-medically tested; they are allowed to carry out activities within a remediation area;
  • can perform measurements in the old-fashioned ‘manual’ way as well as with the help of modern techniques, so that they can be used on any project;
  • are broadly oriented and experienced. They think along with every client;
  • have consultants from BK engineers behind them, who immediately advise you based on the measurements;
  • are flexible and can be used immediately, so that you can continue with the project.

Modern surveying equipment

Our surveyors have modern equipment at their disposal for carrying out surveying activities.

Such as total stations, a (d) GPS system and a leveling device for accurate deformation measurements.

Depending on the desired accuracy, our surveyors carry out the work with:

  • Leica One man station TRCP1203; accuracy plus and minus 0.01m
  • TOPCON One man station GT-505 (option to hybrid with GPS); accuracy plus and minus 0.01m
  • TOPCON Hiper SR (GPS / Glonass); accuracy plus and minus 0.02m
  • Leica leveling device NA724; accuracy plus and minus 0.001m
  • Leica deformation meter DL-502; accuracy plus and minus 0.0005m
  • Leica Rugby 100LR long range construction laser; accuracy plus and minus 0.0015m per 30m


We can deliver our measurement data to you bare.

Or you choose a complete product.

Then we convert the measured data into overview drawings in 2D or 3D.

This can be, for example, a ground balance or a digital terrain model.

For this we use Auto-CAD and / or Civil 3D.

The overview drawing truthfully shows the existing situation.

All measured objects are shown in this drawing.

We provide this quantity survey drawing in single copy on paper for review.

We will process any comments you have made in the final drawing.

You will receive these in a single copy on paper and by e-mail digitally in DXF and/or DGN format.

Attractive work

According to the specialists from the survey team of BK engineers, the diversity of activities, clients and locations makes the work so fun and attractive.

A selection of the many projects in recent years:

  • New construction and maintenance of fuel tanks
  • Fish must swim: a lock, especially for fish
  • Bicycle tunnel within 48 hours
  • Seven jump on the ice rink

Planning and duration

Our surveyors carry out the survey in consultation with you.

They then take care of the details. In general, they can start the job within five working days.

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